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Showed by Sanatorium gallery:



Le Fresnoy Studio National des arts Contemporains, qualified. 

Teacher : Sarkis. France. Productions : Tabula rasa & Transcription. 2009-2011

Duperré High school of design and art, Ecole Supérieure d’Arts Appliqués Duperré, Paris. Qualified. Teacher : Pierre Giner. Diplôme supérieur d’arts appliqués DSAA fashion & environnement. Subject: Constraint & embodiment / contemporary art Graphic & multimedia. 2005-2007


TEACHING Art applied & visual art 2005 > 2016

Design and visual art Teaching 2005 > 2016

2011 - 2016 : Visual Arts & Art history - Sainte-Pulchérie school, Istanbul.

2011 - 2013 : Vakko competition: design and textile creation, pedagogical project in silk printing.

2007 - 2008 : visual art teacher in Olivier de Serres, high school of visual art & design, Paris.

2006 - 2007 : art teacher in Boulle High school of design & art, Paris.

2005 - 2006 : art applied teacher in A. Renoir High school of design & art, Paris.

2005 - 2006 : art applied teacher in Duperré High school of design & art, Paris.



Showed by Sanatorium gallery:

2016 The dormant colony, in the Sanatorium gallery, Istanbul

2015 Inside, exhibition with Luz Blanco, IIC - New Delhi, India.

2015 Domestic, in Uçtaksimsekiz, Istanbul

2014 Drones, pills & yantras, Sanatorium gallery, Istanbul

2013 Rank 1+1, with Can Ertas, Plateforme Gallery, Paris

2011 Haritalar, Sanatorium, Istanbul

2009 Ruins #2, French and Portuguese Institut, Lisbon

2008 Art Range, REPUBLIC DESIGN, Mycroft Gallery, Paris

2008 The Last Days of Pompei, Crous Beaux-Art Gallery, Paris

1999 Tabula rasa I, Studio National des arts contemporains Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing, France



2015 Contemporary Istanbul. 

2015 Inside,  exhibition with Luz Blanco, IIC - New Delhi, India.

2015 Blasted, In Beton7, Athens

2014 Against reality !, Plateforme gallery, Paris

2014 Art international, Istanbul

2014 Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul

2014 Sublime, group show in Sanatorium gallery, Istanbul, June 2014

2014 Public domain, group show in Milk-shake agency, Geneva, June 

2013 « Hyphologie », Sanatorium, Istanbul

2013 Contemporary Istanbul art fair, Istanbul

2013 Digital texture – 9 crosses,web exhibition, Shanghai, China

2013, Sanatorium to Okan, Okan University Fine Arts Faculty Exhibition Space, Istanbul

2012 Contemporary Istanbul art fair, Istanbul2012 Artbeat art fair, Istanbul

2010 Flagpole, Plateforme Gallery, Paris

2009 Etre au Monde, Montreuil, Paris

2009 Military drawings, Kobel Gallery Project, London

2008 Tabula rasa I, Chapal Factory, Montreuil, Paris

2007 Paris-Berlin, Espace Cerise, Paris

1999-2000 Tabula rasa I - Panorama des productions 2, Studio National des arts contemporains Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing, France


GRAPHIC DESIGN  2011 - 2016

Design director of the graphic identity of Sainte Pulcherie, Istanbul, 2010-2016

Collaboration with Luz blanco

High school, Sahne theatre and Od'A art gallery

Creation of the visual identity: Logo, graphical chart, architectural signal system

Posters, and invitations and communication for cultural events : Orhan Pamuk conference, litterature sympoziums, Jazz festival, contemporary art exhibitions...

Print communications, identity and graphic creations for Sainte Pulchérie high school, Istanbul

Print communications and creations for Sahne Pulchérie theatre, Istanbul

Graphic creations for IPA, art and performances festival, Istanbul-Berlin.

Print communications and creations for Od'A art gallery, Istanbul



Article by Sinan Logie, urban activist and architect. About The dormant colony. 2016

Article by Shilpa Raina in the Deccan Herald, "Of maps, boundaries, memories". 2015

Article by Shrabasti Mallik in the Daily pioneer, "The soul of dots". 2015

Article by Erol Eskici in Istanbul art news, Maps and biopolitics. 2014

Global*Zoviet. Artist book. Limited edition. /20. 2013.

100 medals. 5 Artist books. Limited edition. / 10. 2013

Transcription. Artist book. Edition / 500. Le Fresnoy publisher. 2000



Keynote lecture - ConfErence at CONTEMP Art 15, Contemporary Art Conference in Istanbul, Turkey : Space, urban identity and contemporary arts

Conference at CONTEMP Art 14, Istanbul, Turkey : Art & crisis.



Icons / Pondichéry / Artistic research in India : political iconography in India and in Tibet – 2002

Sponsoring and supporting by Paris cultural department and «La Maison des metallos»

Photographs project : Matra Lanceur Aérospace Les Mureaux, Ariane Rocket factory, Studio National des arts contemporains Le Fresnoy






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